Radio Interview

Date: Monday, April 12, 2010
Time: noon EST
Show: Savvy Divorced Chicks! part of the BlogTalkRadio network
Host: Colleen Bushby

About Savvy Divorced Chicks:
Colleen Bushby, The Savvy Divorced Chick, and founder of has created an online community of divorced women looking to be “better, not bitter”. The Savvy Divorced Chicks Radio Show will feature guest experts in the areas of Personal Development, Health & Wellness, Finances, Career & Business, and Relationships. No matter where you are in your life after divorce, this show is for you!

Show topic:
Join me for an enlightening show with Ellen Kellner, professional speaker and author of The Pro-Child WaySM: Parenting with an Ex.  We’ll be discussing the ways to nuture a child’s spirit through divorce. Ms. Kellner will guide us through some of the trickiest situations and show how it only takes one parent to make a significant difference in the divorced-parenting tone!

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