Deadbeat Parents? State-mandated child support hurts the ones it’s supposed to help


"No. 1 deadbeat parent pleads guilty to owing $1.2 million" reads the headline from the Associated Press.  The article details a father fleeing first to Florida and then to Thailand, resulting in child-support arrears since 2002.

His name is Robert Sand and he sits in jail.  

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Children of divorce are holding up a sign: It's time for a new divorce.  They are wanting a divorce process and solutions that address their needs -- that address their heart.  They know that they can be loved, nurtured, and thrive through divorce.

When we assert that "It's best for the child", it's time we do it with a heart that perceives the consequences.

It's time we think anew.

Mindful thinker and author, Ellen Kellner, guides parents through The Pro-Child Way® of nurturing their child’s spirit through her intuition, discernment, and experience.  Her book The Pro-Child Way: Parenting with an Ex provides 46 pro-child solutions for typical divorced-parenting situations.

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