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Radio Smart Talk—Wednesday, January 13: Many Americans believe the legal process fails to protect families in divorce, and in particular children.  Divorce is a normative event for all of us, affecting each of us indirectly if we have the good fortune to not experience it in our own marriages.  Because most family disputes have historically been played out in Family Courts throughout the nation, the consequences to children are intimately connected to how lawyers, judges, and litigants perceive the process.  Until the last decade, there was basically one template for resolving disputes - our traditional adversarial system…

Now there is a what proponents call “a sleeping giant ready to burst onto the scene which promises to transform the way that couples in relationship break up.  It can solve, and even heal, the rifts that have been so destructive and expensive.  Consumers are demanding a change and lawyers are beginning to listen.  It’s called the Collaborative Process.  This surge promises to create the most smiles in the one voiceless family member that is typically most damaged by divorce: the child.” Radio Smart Talk explores divorce as it relates to children on Wednesday’s program.

Guests: Ellen Kellner, Author of The Pro-Child Way: Parenting with an Ex and Attorney Thurman Arnold III, a practicing collaborative lawyer.

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