When you're ready to claim your power: Coaching solutions for you

Through a combination of Skype and email communication, one-on-one coaching
allows you to focus on the area(s) of interest to you.

Custom tailored to fit your situtation and schedule, individual coaching is for parents who are commited to "figuring it out".  We uncover the Nuturing Principles that are at the core and spring from there.  These engaging conversations are sometimes rapid-fire and sometimes meditative - whatever it takes to connect in with the true essence, allowing the Pro-Child shift to happen.

Suggested format: A commitment involving three 1 1/2 hour Skype sessions
coupled with pre & post sessions emails, including 2 "situation quick help" follow-up.

"Ellen has been a blessing! There are times when emotion has made it nearly impossible to see a better way, but Ellen helps guide me there. She makes sure I realign my energy to provide the life for my son that I dream of, rather than let my own ego control situations. Her guided meditation has always been a rejuvenating and powerful experience, as the imagery she uses helps me visualize the nurturing and protective qualities I offer my son as his mother. Ellen is truly amazing and can offer so much to those that open themselves to a new way--the Pro-Child Way!"
          - Jenn, Pro-Child parent of young son

Otherwise known as the "fake it till you make it" option!  In the overwhelming world of divorced-parenting, sometimes there just isn't time to "delve deep."  If your gut is telling you that there has to be a better way to a divorced-parenting situation, but you need help prodding out the solution, Situation Quick Help is the answer. 

"Divorce can be extremely isolating.  I had no idea who I could talk with about the issues that were nagging at me.  The Pro-Child Way opened up that closed door.  Ellen spoke to me as a friend and as a person who has been in a similar situation.  I knew I was living my life with my children's best interest as my guide, and yet Ellen helped me to take it to the next level.  Just today I had a situation arise,  I sat back, took a breath, worked through a conversation with Ellen in my head with the result being the Pro-Child way!!" 
          - Trish J., Pro-Child parent of two wonderful boys

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"How much?" All consulting and workshops are based on self-guided valuation - accepted before, during, or (long) after the session. Individual Coaching and Situation Quick Help will be scheduled upon successful completion of the application process, and mutual agreement to proceed into consulting.  Contact Ellen to begin!



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