“Where do I start?” …Pro-Child® solutions emerge from the Nurturing Principles

What does a child need? A child needs love, patience, kindness, consistency, and consideration. A child needs safety and peace. These are not reserved for children who are a part of intact families. These are not reserved for children whose parents are going through a “friendly divorce.” Every child’s soul deserves this.

The Pro-Child Way® stresses that divorce is an opportunity for a parent to consciously create a new experience for the child where these nurturing principles steer the solution - not the parent’s ego, not the parent’s emotions. In reminding parents of their own inner power to mindfully focus on the Nurturing Principles, children can experience a divorce that nurture’s the soul and brings smiles.

What Nurturing Principles do you wish to instill in your child? One mom's answer included these nuggets: Peace, self-assuredness, individuality, community, humbleness, knowledge, creativity, and kindness. How lucky is a child whose parent considers these nurturing qualities when shaping solutions! Reflect on your child and create a list of your own Nurturing Principles.  

“Even in this divorce parenting situation, my child deserves LOVE. I will find a solution that wraps him in love.” “I will demonstrate PATIENCE in this divorced parenting challenge, especially when I’d rather scream, and in this, my child will smile.” “In looking at my child, I’m reminded that all she wants is CONSIDERATION, so I will focus on her feelings and thoughts as I discern the Pro-Child solution.” “It is possible to show KINDNESS, even to those with whom you disagree. Through my divorced parenting interactions, this is what I want my child to learn from me.” “I am responsible for the experience I show my child - not my ex - and I choose to show PEACE.”


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